About Us

We are a beachwear brand, inspired by the cultural heritage of Southeast Asia.

Drawing inspiration from elements of Southeast Asian art, architecture and tradition to create our prints, we aim to preserve and symbolise the raw essence of Southeast Asia in our culturally inspired men’s beachwear.


The Orang Lanun

Southeast Asia’s orang lanun, or pirates in the Malay language (from which o. lanun’s name originates) embody a maritime culture steeped in tradition, the defence of the region, and an unwavering trust in the ocean. 


Our Bajau Short

The practicality and tailored aesthetics of the above-the-knee length allows one to look and feel good whether in the water, on the boardwalk or on a daily stroll.

The internal drawstring helps to keep the shorts in place during your swim whilst the zipped rear pocket does the same for your keys. 

Our shorts are manufactured with the finest quality stretch-resistant polyester, enabling the wearer to live his physically demanding lifestyle without concern. They are also quick-drying, allowing one to seamlessly switch from beach to bar.